Welcome to the website of Laszlo LOVASZY, member of the CRPD

Hello, this is the website of Laszlo Gabor LOVASZY, the Hungarian member of the CRPD. Laszlo LOVASZY with a Ph.D in disability law would like to represent the community of the hearing impaired first time in the history of the CRPD. He has been working in this committee since 2012.



Letters of recommendation (2012-2016)

WFD Statement CRPD Committee elections September 2012.pdf (418,5 kB)


EFHOH_recommendation.pdf (922897)


EUD Dr. László Gábor Lovászy Support Letter.pdf (148433)


WFD_Letter for Dr Lovaszy- CRPD reelection- 5 May 2016.pdf (653991)