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On Dr. Laszlo Gabor Lovaszy's candidacy to the CRPD - SCREENPLAY


"Hello, I am Laszlo LOVASZY, the candidate of Hungary to the CRPD.  I am delighted to offer a short clip about me in order to introduce myself to you regarding my candidacy. Let me present my professional achivements so far in the following seconds."


Hungary is the first country in the world that adopted both the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilitities and its Optional Protocol in 2007.


In the same year, Laszlo Lovaszy became the first hard of hearing person with a Ph.D in disability law in Hungary.


Dr. Lovaszy became the first hearing impaired expert with a Ph.D candidate to CRPD in 2012 supported by all important Hungarian disability-related NGOs on 4 April, 2012:


the National Council of Disabled Persons' Organizations (FESZT), the Hungarian Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability (ÉFOÉSZ), Hungarian Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SINOSZ), National Federation of Disabled Persons Association (MEOSZ), Hungarian Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted (MVGYOSZ). And the following NGOs also supported the candidate: National Autism Association (AOSZ), National Alliance of Protected Organizations (VSZOSZ), Hungarian Sport Federation for People with Special Needs (FONESZ), Foundation BLISS, CÉHálózat, Foundation Motiváció and Ability Park


Did you know that...?


He is competent - because he lost 80 % of his hearing when he was a few days old - he is fully aware of the difficulties that people with disabilty face.


He is talented - he compared and contrasted disability laws and legislations in the EU and the USA in general in his Ph.D work when he was only 33 years old.


He was interviewed in a nation-wide television programme in 2008 -

(In Hungarian) "In history, there has never been such a period in which there will be so many elderly people in the near future." (Strucc - equal treatment 2 aired in 2008 at TV2 nationalwide programme)


And he wrote more than 20 publications and studies scrutinising the activities and legislations of many countries, the UN and other international bodies that have an influence on the disability movement.


He was one of the proof readers for the respected Hungarian edition of the Human rights - YES! - Action and Advocacy on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (by J. E. Lord, K. N. Guernsey, J M. Balfe & V. L. Karr and N. Flowers, editor, Human Rights Resource Center, 2007).

Since 2009 he has worked as an adviser for the first deaf member of the European Parliament.

Ádám Kósa, the first deaf member of the European Parliament (in sign language): "I am really lucky to have him as an experienced adviser to my work, in the field of law in particular."


He is hardworking -  Between 2001-2008, he worked on a number of disability related dossiers and projects at the Ministry of labour and social affairs in Hungary.

Gergely Tapolczai, first deaf member of the Hungarian Parliament (in sign languag): "I have always known that he is one of the best experts among us, the hearing impaired people."

Mark Whitley, executive director of the European Union of the Deaf: "He is not only working for his fellow deaf people in Hungary, but also for the whole deaf community in the world."


(Finally, what the famous and well-respected figures said in the past?)

"Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"

(Martin Luther King (1929-1968), I have a dream,

"I'm an idealist without illusions". (JFK (1917-1963))

"It always seems impossible until its done." (Nelson Mandela (1918-)

"It clearly appears that there are no races in the world (...) the method that is proper and natural to men is used; that is, love and gentleness and kindness." (Bartolome de Las Casas (1474 - 1566))

"The knowledge of anything, since all things have causes, is not acquired or complete unless it is known by its causes." (Ibn Seena (Avicenna) 980 – 1037))


A journal of a thousand miles begins with a simple step." (Lao-tzu, 5th-4th century BCE)


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